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Loretta Williams, President

Our Roots

Love Healing & Hope NFP, (known as LHH) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  Our mission is to help women and children that are homeless.  LHH will provide a shelter that is a haven for women and children.  LHH will provide love, healing and hope to women and children who have suffered due to loss of home, job, or the inability to handle life’s challenges.  Women and children who are experiencing abuse will have the opportunity to partner with LHH to obtain safety on a temporary basis.  The women will partner with LHH by participating in a transitional living program that is scheduled to last up to 6 months.  LHH’s purpose is to provide respect, integrity and compassion to every women who participates in our program.  Our goal is to ensure that every women leaves this program healthy, empowered, financially stable and living in affordable housing.

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